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How To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

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You added a new piece of jewelry to your collection. Congratulations! There is nothing like the twinkling beauty of your engagement ring when you slide it on your finger for the first time. We know how special this ring is to you, so we want to help you keep it as beautiful as the day you first set eyes on it.


Let’s start with the basics, storage. It is important to have a clean and safe place to store your ring when you are not wearing it. We recommend that you find a place such as a jewelry case or in a box with dividers so you can prevent your ring from getting scratched by other pieces of jewelry. This is important when it comes to your time spent cooking or cleaning as well. There is some possibility of damage when your ring comes in contact any corrosive material. It is in your ring’s best interest to put it in a safe place during these activities, just to avoid any possible accidents!

Know When to Take it Off

We know you are so in love with your ring that you may never want to take it off, as you should be! Think about the diamond and know when some situations could be harmful. Any hand-heavy activities could potentially put your ring at risk. When it comes time for exercising, gardening, re-arranging the house, or anything else in this category; it may be best to set the ring aside and tuck it away in your safe place at home. Chlorine base chemicals are also known to discolor or corrode the surfaces of gold alloys, so it is important to remove any jewelry before swimming or cleaning with such chemicals.

Keep it on Your Finger in Public

Hand washing is a must in many scenarios. Public restrooms and messy situations bring the urge to take off your ring when washing your hands. Resist the temptation to remove your ring in any public place. The possibility that you may leave your ring on the edge of the sink or drop it down the drain is too big of a risk to take! You can’t protect your new investment if you’ve accidentally left it behind in the restaurant bathroom. It is perfectly fine to keep your ring on your finger when you lather up.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your ring should be like any other important investment in your life. You want to keep it strong and long-lasting right? When possible, it is best to have a jeweler professionally polish and clean your jewelry. This may include polishing to remove scratches, ultrasonic soak and steam cleaning which blows dirt and grime out of hard-to-reach places. White gold may also require periodic rhodium plating to keep it the bright shiny white color white gold is known for.

In between professional cleanings, it is recommended to clean your ring at home with a soft dry cloth. Abrasive chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia should be avoided as they could damage the setting. Soaking the ring in hot water is also effective in helping to loosen dirt before cleaning with a cloth. Dirt often accumulates on the bottom of the diamond which makes it look duller. You may be able to use a soft bristle toothbrush along with hot water to scrub that dirt off the bottom of the diamond and bring back the original sparkle.
If cleaned professionally by a jeweler, ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning or boiling water is perfectly safe.

Your Ring Will Last Longer if Properly Maintained

This may seem like a lot of tasks to remember, but it is really all about your daily habits. Make it a habit to remove your ring when doing anything potentially dangerous. When in doubt, take it off. All rules aside, make sure to soak in all the beauty that your ring has to offer.  You have been dreaming about having this permanent fixture on your left hand for years, now go show it off! With these tips for care, your ring will continue to sparkle for years to come! 


Ripa Rahoman Ripa

Adorned with diamonds, jewelry becomes a symbol of luxury and refinement, adding a touch of glamour to any occasion.

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