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Frequently Asked Questions About Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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What does clarity enhanced mean?

We specialize in clarity enhanced diamonds.  These are natural diamonds mined from the earth.  After the diamond is cut and polished, it undergoes another special treatment which surgically removes some of the visible inclusions.  
This treatment can only be given to about 1 in 500 diamonds. It allows you to receive a very high clarity diamond for only a fraction of the price of an untreated counterpart.
With our decades of experience in this field, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our product and the professional expertise we offer.  The unique enhancement process we use is invisible to the untrained eye, the diamond remains exactly the same, exactly as strong and durable, and has the exact same carat weight.  You will also receive a lifetime warranty on the diamond's enhancement, guaranteeing your diamond will remain as beautiful for as long as you own it!

Will the enhancement change over time?

The proprietary clarity enhancement process we use is extremely durable. The treatment formula has been perfected for over 20 years over many thousands of diamonds.
The enhancement is not affected by time, or by regular jewelry wear and tear. No special care needs to be taken. The diamond is just as strong and durable as any other diamond.
In any case, we provide a lifetime guarantee with every enhanced diamond we sell. Should anything ever happen to the enhancement, you are also completely protected.  We will re-apply the enhancement free of charge if ever requested to do so.

How do I clean my clarity enhanced diamond?

We recommend cleaning your jewelry at home with a soft dry cloth.  Abrasive chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia should be avoided as they could damage the setting. 
If cleaned professionally by a jeweler, ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning or boiling water are perfectly safe and will not affect the enhancement.

What would cause the enhancement to be damaged?

There are three ways the enhancement could potentially be damaged and simple precautions can be taken to prevent all three.
Fire – Temperatures above 572 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.  When having work performed by a jeweler you should let them know the diamond is clarity enhanced.  They can still perform all the work they would normally do while taking precautions to avoid heating the diamond.  If the diamond is damaged by fire, the enhancement can be re-applied easily under the Lifetime Warranty.
Exposure to boiling acid – This one is easily avoided by not putting your ring finger in boiling acid.  Again, if the enhancement is damaged by boiling acid it can be re-applied under warranty.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to fix your hand if you place it in boiling acid so please don’t do this.
Re-cutting – If the diamond was ever cut in the future it could compromise the enhancement.   


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